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Project Management

Planning and managing projects

Certain content activities should be left to the experts

Due to the proliferation of information channels, there’s more content than ever to manage, especially when it comes to text, photos and videos, and it just keeps on multiplying.

Without a solid plan, you could find yourself drowning in content.

Also, if you wanted to go deeper and completely overhaul your website, then you need to plan even more diligently by organizing:

  • Your processes (validation, approval, etc.);
  • Your reference documents (style guide, glossary, etc.);
  • Your file-naming system for saving different versions of your content (images, text, etc.).

Properly planning your project before producing content will help you avoid problems when you finally get down to it. You’ll save money, produce quality content, put less stress on your teams, and make the approval process a whole lot smoother. So it’s in your best interest to look before you leap.

You need project management when:

– Your amount of content (images, text, articles, etc.) keeps on growing. You need a simple and efficient way to manage it.

– Your website pages appear during an organic search (free results) on Google. However, you’d like your products and services to show up as well. Our team can help you do this by rewriting all your “Title” and “Description” tags to make them more searchable.

– You want to overhaul your website but you find it too complicated to manage a large amount of content and the different stages of site development.

This is exactly why you need to leave it to our experts!